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85,000 marijuana convictions expunged in california
See 85,000 Marijuana Convictions Expunged in California ... read more

 best fiction of 2019 (goodreads) ( culture / writing / books / novels )

via Best Fiction Books 2019 The Testaments by Margaret Atwood... wins this year's Best Fiction award for her long-anticipated sequel to the dystopian classic The Handmaid's Tale. The book picks up the story 15 years after handmaid Offred's ambiguous fate in t ... read more

 new washer ( culture / writing / blog )

The new washer was delivered today. I let them take the old one away even though we'd just bought it (used) a week ago. That's right, it lasted just one week. Oh well, we didn't really need that $200 (after tax and delivery), anyway. </sarcasm> I say le ... read more
vhs tape of baby taking first steps is finally returned to family after man found it inside a used t
This Austin man bought an old television set from a Goodwill without having any idea that there was a VHS tape inside depicting a baby's first s ... read more

 elizabeth skiing for the first time ( family / holmes / elizabeth )

It was father-daughter day (for me, my brother, nephew and our daughters) at NorthStar ski resort in Lake Tahoe. See ... read more

 the truth about electric cars ( education / technology / transportation )

From: Anonymous See Electric-Cars... At a neighbourhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbour, a BC Hydro executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious. If you really intend to adopt electric vehicles, he pointed out, you had ... read more

 court to feds, explain marine's facebook postings arrest ( education / technology / computers / internet )

via Court to feds: Explain Marine's Facebook-postings arrest. Brandon Raub's case exposes the seedy underbelly of a governmental system that continues to target military veterans for expressing their discontent over America's rapid transition to a police state, ... read more

 list of common meds which destroy your brain ( life / health / drugs )

List of Culprit Drugs (according to them): Excedrin PM, Tylenol PM, Nytol, Sominex, Unisom, Benadryl, Dramamine, Paxil, Detrol, Demerol, Elavil You wouldn't think that taking a little pain pill would cause long term cognitive impairment, but that's just one of t ... read more
atm outside london wine bar dispenses prosecco
A London bar is celebrating its opening with an unusual outdoor feature -- an ATM that dispenses prosecco. ... read more

 music ( culture / music )

Five apps that should make middlemen nervous music ... read more
badger falls through ceiling, hides inside drug store
Animal rescuers in Britain were called to a drug store to rescue a badger that fell through a ceiling panel and went into hiding inside the busines ... read more
the cia, the ny times, and the art of the limited hangout
The CIA, the NY Times, and the Art of the Limited Hangout ... read more

 most popular site on the internet ( culture / writing / blog / internet )

This is the 12,157,539th most popular website in the world, according to! Wow! We have hit the big time. See image here: Look at that Popularity and Social Interest score! Woohoo! All zeroes, baby! ... read more

 the run ( culture / writing / poetry )

by Jeannie Womack Running in the rain isn't the pain a non-runner might think it would be I put on my jacket that has a hood, lace up my shoes, and stretching is good I open the door, expecting more as the rain comes sprinkling down My course is not planned ... read more

mini ice age coming? ( education / science / research / weather )

via weather warning ice age EARTH could be braced for a 'mini ICE-AGE' as experts warn a solar minimum could last until the 2050s. ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 6 ( family / holmes / newsletter )

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 6a, September 17, 1989 Everyone seems to be on a diet these days. Lucy and Jeannie are trying a low carbohydrate/high protein diet. Don's trying good old reliable starvation. Eleanor is on the NutriSystem plan. Bill is o ... read more

 mweh yeddum v aeroport eta ootra ( family / adoption / holmes )

You probably guessed what that means: We are going to the aiport this morning. It's probably not grammatically correct, but I ain't got no time for linguistic correctitude. :) Unlike last time when the cat kept waking me up, this time I was able to get a good nig ... read more

 palacsintas ( life / health / food / recipes )

Markowitz recipe. (pronounced pah-lah-CHIN-tuhz). Makes 4 or 5. beat well 2 eggs Add a pinch of salt ½ teaspoon sugar beat/mix in blender until has a loose consistency. Add ½ cup water and some flour while mixing, until thick enough As a test, dip ... read more
bumblebees are the super heavyweights of the insect world
Bumblebees can fly while carrying up to 80 per cent of their own bodyweight in nectar, according to a new study, which involved filming the insects ... read more

 crowd-sourced outpouring lifts struggling mom ( life / help / charity )

Some good news for a change. via Crowd-sourced Outpouring Lifts Struggling Mom &The Poverty Line, What Matters Today & Last month Linda Tirado, a 31-year-old from Cedar City, Utah, was ... ... read more

 guest posting ( culture / writing / advice )

I've been following and listening to Jeff Goins's TribeWriters program, and he says an important aspect to successful blogging (at least as far as getting noticed) is to guest post on other people's blogs. Jeff is a great resource, by the way. So, if you want t ... read more

 don's orange julius ( life / health / food / recipes )

Place ½ cup orange juice concentrate in blender Fill 2 cup container ½ full with ice cubes Add water to make 2 cups and pour into blender Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Add 8 teaspoons sugar Blend on LOW speed until ice thoroughly crushed ... read more

 good advice ( life / help / advice )

The following is a Chinese good luck tantra totem (a fancy way of saying good advice): Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully; Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any oth ... read more