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Escaped Pigs Cause Traffic Chaos On Virginia Highway

( education / news / rss )
Authorities in Virginia said a group of large pigs caused lane closures and long traffic backups when they escaped from a trailer and went running loose on the ... read more

Call Of Duty Update Drives 'broadband Traffic's Busiest Day Ever'

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June 30 saw more than 189 petabytes of data consumed by customers via Openreach in the UK, smashing the previous record set on June ... read more

Russia Launches Railway Cargo Traffic Across Crimean Bridge (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Freight trains crossed the Crimean Bridge for the first time on Tuesday, marking the official launch of regular freight rail service along the 19-km link connecting the peninsula with mainland Russia. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

How Did Moscow's Stray Dogs Learn To Navigate The Metro?

( life / travel / traffic )
Interesting. "Of Moscow's 35,000-odd stray dogs, about 20 are thought to travel regularly on the city's underground rail system. These dogs seem to be able to identify which trains to board, and where to alight. It appears that they can recognise humans who will give them a treat or a pat — and avoid those who won... read more

Alternate Route

( life / travel / traffic )
Don't you hate it when you take an alternate route to get away from a slow driver only to have them end up in front of you later? ... read more

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