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Ming The Pantless! Politician Caught On VIDEO Stream Attending European Parliament In Underwear

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Irish politician Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has taken video conferencing calamities to extraordinary new heights by being caught on camera attending a European Parliament committee in his underpants. ... read more

As European Resorts Finally Start To Reopen… What's Going On In Our Holiday Hotspots?

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Travel corridors and bubbles, sea bridges, quarantines - there's a lot of confusion surrounding holidays, as restrictions ease. We look at what your chances are for a summer getaway. ... read more

One In Three Women In Europe Has Inherited A Neanderthal Fertility Gene

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The study published by researchers at the Max Planck Institute found one in three women inherited their receptor for progesterone from our ancient cousins. ... read more

Dithering While Britain Burned: Lockdown Delay Led To UK Covid-19 Death Toll Soaring To Worst In Europe, Says Report

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As the UK government dithered and delayed over whether to introduce lockdown measures, the number of coronavirus infections skyrocketed and set the scene for Britain to suffer Europe's worst Covid-19 death toll. ... read more

Over 2 Million Infected With Covid-19 In Europe — AFP Tally

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Europe has recorded two million cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, according to a tally by the AFP news agency. The continent was the epicenter of the pandemic until cases skyrocketed in the United States. ... read more

Moscow Says It Was US That Violated Open Skies Treaty, Still Willing To Save Pact Essential To European Security

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Russia will do everything in its power to salvage the Open Skies Treaty (OST) after the US signaled its intention to withdraw from one of the few remaining arms-control pillars, Moscow said, rejecting claims it violated the pact. Read Full Article at ... read more

'We Consider That A Risk To European Security, But We Obey': Hungary Closes Migrant Transit Zones After Court Ruling

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Hungary has announced that it will shutter border zone camps used to hold migrants seeking refuge in the country, after Europe's top court ruled that the facilities amounted to unlawful detention. ... read more

Soros Says EU May Not Survive Unless It Props Up 'sick Man Of Europe' Italy

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Billionaire financier George Soros has warned that the preservation of the European Union is dependent upon the economic health of Italy and other states hit hard by coronavirus, adding that the current aid policies favor Germany. Read Full Article a ... read more

European Lobsters Can Be Heard Almost Two Miles Away Underwater

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Twenty-four lobsters were tracked in the Bay of Saint Anne du Portzic, France. Sounds from bigger lobsters travelled further than rasps from smaller individuals. ... read more

As Europe Slowly Exits Lockdown, Sweden Hunkers Down For Long

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Sweden has taken a soft approach to virus restrictions and although its rules are likely to be in place longer than in other countries, officials ar ... read more

France & Germany Suggest €500 BILLION Fund To Help Europe Recover From

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France and Germany have agreed on establishing a joint European recovery fund amounting to 500 billion (US$543 billion) that will be given ou ... read more

US May Deploy Intermediate & Shorter-range Missiles In Europe — Russian

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US may deploy intermediate & shorter-range missiles in Europe — Russian ... read more

'Nothing Has Changed': WHO Chief For Europe Warns Of SECOND Wave Of

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The WHO's top official in Europe, Dr Hans Kluge, has voiced his concerns that a second wave of coronavirus may be inevitable this winter, po ... read more

'Idiotic & Unimplementable': Chief Of Europe's Largest Lowcoster Ryanair

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Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary has blasted the British government for mismanaging the Covid-19 crisis, and hit out at fresh measure ... read more

European Landmarks Reopen But Virus Hits Hard

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Major landmarks including Saint Peter's Basilica and the Acropolis in Athens reopened Monday as Europe accelerated its lockdown easing, but mounting ... read more

Mosquitoes That Can Carry Diseases Could Be Common In Europe By

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The insect, known by the scientific name Aedes aegypti as well as the common name 'yellow fever mosquito', currently only thrives in the world's ho ... read more

'European Virus': Cuomo Goes All-in On Covid-19 Language Gymnastics In

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called Covid-19 the "European virus," to zero pushback from the press that gave President Donald Trump ... read more

'Europe Needs A Break': EU May Open Borders Closed By Covid-19 Lockdowns

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The European Union is considering opening borders for tourists as part of a plan to roll back coronavirus-related lockdown measures. But leisure ... read more

Did European Athletes Catch Coronavirus While Competing At

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French athletes believe they caught coronavirus at the World Military Games in Wuhan in October, 20 days before the first recorded case in China. It ... read more

Victory In Europe Day: These American Corporations Aided Nazi

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From Coca-Cola to Nestle, some of the most iconic American brands eagerly took part in the Nazi experiment. Victory in Europe Day: These Am ... read more

Modern Humans 'co-existed With Neanderthals In Europe For 8,000

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The landmark finding comes from analysis of human remains found at a cave known as Bacho Kiro located in Bulgaria and proves Europeans overlapped f ... read more

Humans Were Brewing Beer In Central Europe 6,000 Years

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Neolithic humans in central Europe may have been brewing beer 6,000 years ago, according to scientists who have developed a new method to analyse gr ... read more

Erecting Dykes Along A Third Of Europe's Coastline Could Prevent 83 Per Cent Of

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The researchers found that the ultimate benefits of erecting dykes would outweigh the costs for a quarter of the UK coast under 16 inches of sea le ... read more

Satellite Images Show Massive Reductions In Air Pollution Over European Cities

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New data captured by the ESA Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite shows a strong reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations over major European cities ... read more

European "right To Repair" Law To Cover Phones And Tablets

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The EU has unveiled steps it is taking to move towards a circular economyEuropean "right to repair" law to cover phones and table ... read more

Europe '96 Video

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You can watch it here: ... read more


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Nashville  — June, 1996I planned everything in advance. Or so I thought. I bought my round-trip plane ticket three months in advance. I "surfed The Web" and researched whatever I could find regarding my destination cities and countries. I bought renter's insurance for the apartment, a video camera, a new suit for the w... read more

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