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Random Observations

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Miscellaneous Had alarm set for 4:15a.m., but the trash collectors in the alley behind my hotel thought 3:30 would be better. At the airport, I was busted for trying to sneak contraband mouthwash and sweet tea through security OK how are you supposed to cut a mango? No idea. Wife said she wanted a collander. I thought i ... read more

Digging A Shallow Well

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This guy makes it look easy: ... read more

1-2-3 Day!

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Today is 1-2-3 day! January 23. Exciting, right? Just think, twenty-six years from today it'll be 1-2-3-4-5 day! I'll probably be dead by then, but somebody will enjoy it! ... read more

Getting Organized

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Great article here: reorganizing-bathroom-closet I'm especially impressed with Item 3, putting everything into the pillowcase. ... read more


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All sorts of randomly-useful info Charity Navigator ... read more

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