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What Is Humanity Capable Of? This Man Got 152 Million Mangrove Trees Planted In 10 Years

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Haidar el Ali, who once served as Senegal's Minister of Environment, led a program that has successfully planted 152 million mangrove buds in th ... read more

Conifers Are Better Than Broadleaved Trees At Absorbing Sound

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Researchers from University College London studied the bark of 13 different tree species to find out which would be best at dealing with noise pollu ... read more

What Can One Person Do In 10 Years? This Man Got 152 Million Mangrove Trees Planted

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The former Environmental Minister of Senegal has now spent over a decade reforesting a mangrove forest in the Casamance Delta.What Can One Person Do ... read more

Ex-Coal Man Flips The Script By Rallying Appalachians To Plant 187 Million Trees On Abandoned Mines

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Thanks to almost two decades of Patrick Angel's tireless work, Appalachia is recovering from coal mining and getting greener by the day.Ex-Coal Man ... read more

Happy 60th Birthday To Madagascar! World's Most Biodiverse Island Gets Gift Of 60 Million Trees

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On the year of its 60th anniversary, Madagascar begins to plant 60 million trees in homage, as part of a campaign to make the nation green againThe ... read more

The 'urban Forests' Of New York Revealed: New Study Finds The City Has Five MILLION Trees

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Most visitors think of New York's Parks as the only place to find trees. However, a new study found New York City has over 5 million 'forested nat ... read more

Time For Trees

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Time for Trees. Another worthy cause. ... read more

Atlanta Food Forest

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Such a great idea! " Atlanta's City Council just voted in favor of transforming over 7 acres of vacant property into the state of Georgia's first food forest. The measure, which ... read more

Leave The Trees, Please

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Another reason for short-sighted land developers to leave as many trees as possible when destroying/preparing the site for the next new neighborhood. See Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health "People living i ... read more

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