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An Evangelical Pastor Who Was Charged After Holding In-person Church Services Says He Doesn't Like Livestreams Because H

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Tony Spell, an evangelical pastor at the Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was charged with six misdemeanor charges on Tuesday. ... read more

Facebook's Services Go DOWN For Users Across The World

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Instagram experienced the most widespread outage, with users across the US and Europe unable to load news feeds and stories. Facebook said the issue ... read more

Microsoft Forced To Tweak Cloud Services After Seeing 775 PERCENT Demand Increase Due To Isolation

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Services across the gamut have seen a dramatic uptick in usage, including Windows Virtual Desktop which saw more than three times more usage, and re ... read more


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This is a free service that we're only too happy to provide. And just because it's free doesn't mean it's not professionally done. Give us a call anytime, but the later the hour, the worse the insult! ... read more

Detection Dogs

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via A nose for wild things "These are no hounds. These are highly trained detection dogs used by biologists to canvass for animals, scat, rare plants and invasive weeds that are easily missed by humans." ... read more


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Services provided by FriendsNews members Handyman:  Doug Horse Rescue / Therapy Riding:  Jeannie Classified Ad Placement:  ... read more


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Shopping-related posts Misc computer/electronics for sale: Click here A whole bunch of electronic equipment for sale: Doug R ... read more

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