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Light at the end of the tunnel

by bill - 2007-12-06 - ( family / adoption / holmes )

We visited Elizabeth again today. We caught her when she was in the music room with all the other kids in her age group. She smiled wide when she saw us, but by the time she reached us, she tried to keep it cool. Like, "Oh, it's you. I thought you were somebody else." Just kidding about that "quote." I hope I'm kidding. :) After the crowd of kids left and it was parents' visiting time, there were three kids and their adoptive parents left. The room was too crowded for me to be flying her around the room, if she would have even let me do that. She wasn't terribly comfortable with me today or yesterday. Maybe it's the Ben-Gay smell? She definitely prefers Tara ... this week. I'm used to rejection, though, so it's OK. :)

We tried fitting her with the new tennis shoes we brought, but they were too small. Still, she wanted to wear those instead of the ones she had on. They have little lights that go on and off. And then we put some new pants on her under her dress, and she didn't want to take those off. She loves new clothes. I can already see that she'll be spending all of my money on her clothes as she grows up. We went to a mall and found a new pair of little kid snow boots for her, since that's what we'll need immediately when we pick her up for good on Monday.

We adjusted our return flight tickets today at the Aeroflot office near the hotel. I hate to say anything definitively around here, but the plan now is that we'll leave Astrakhan for Moscow on the 17th instead of the 20th. That means we'll still be here almost two more weeks, but at least it's three less days than expected. No offfense, we're just bored and homesick. We still don't know if we'll get to leave Moscow for home any sooner than planned, but we'll try.

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Well just get used to spending your money on her clothes. You've got at least another 18 years to do that! - sandy, 2007-12-06 02:03:35
She is a very lucky girl that you are so understanding! - Jeannie, 2007-12-06 03:08:40
What size shoes did you buy and what size does she really wear? And what about the clothes? Is 2T fitting? I've started to buy her a couple more things but hesitated because I want to be sure she'll be able to wear them! - sandy, 2007-12-06 07:51:34
Hahaha!! Bill you will never have any money after this?!?! You thought it was bad what you spent on the pugs.... boy are you in for a shocker!! Glad you guys are getting along well with her. We are getting excited about meeting her. I know you guys are getting anxious to get home... I had a bite at McD's today and thought of you guys! Hang in there!! - Leslie, 2007-12-06 08:47:05
Sounds like Monday will be a great day! - Terry, 2007-12-06 10:07:22
They probably fit when you first got there but kids grow so fast she probably outgrew them before you left, haha! That's why I buy the thrift store stuff when I can. Glad she is warming up to you! Miss you guys! - Auntie Em, 2007-12-06 11:27:07
Sandy, those shoes that were too small were size 5-1/2. We think they were long enough, but she has too much arch in her foot or something. Tara says that she and Elizabeth have the same type of foot, short and fat. - Bill, 2007-12-06 17:38:18
O.K. What about clothes? Does she seem to prefer girlie stuff or tomboy kinda stuff? And are the 2T fitting? - sandy, 2007-12-07 02:45:58
The only things I've tried on her so far are 24 months. I'll be able to tell you better in a few days when I have more freedom to try stuff on her. Don't even try to get shoes. She's going to be like Destiny and hard to fit (or is that like all small children??) Remember how Nanny used to complain that Destiny had a broad foot? Well, so does Elizabeth, and so did I (still do) So, it may be a baby thing. - Tara, 2007-12-07 05:26:49
As far as style of stuff, she likes girlie stuff, especially hairbows! Actually, this child has never had anything of her own, so we could put her in a pair of camaflouged overalls and she would probably like it... But I'm NOT! - Tara, 2007-12-07 05:28:21
well, YOU may not put that stuff on her...but i know that i'll be babysitting at some point!!! and you know how much camo destiny has! hehehehehe can't wait! ...oh the joys of being the "fun" aunt! --no offense of course aunt stephanie! - sandy, 2007-12-07 06:49:42
Well, I may give you a run for your money miss "fun" aunt, so start boning up for a little friendly competition. Tara stand back and let the spoiling commence. Sandy and I have almost 3 years to make up for. And about the clothes. Why can't she be a little bit of both ie girlie or tomboy? A certain other niece comes to my mind who I helped put on a very nice dress and do her hair just this week, who I have also searched high and low for camo before too. Can't wait for you all to get back. - Stephanie, 2007-12-08 09:11:44
It sounds like Elizabeth will have aunties fighting over her!! :-) It's funny about the girlie stuff. When I was a kid, I hated it, but when my granddaughter, Bijou, liked it, I actually had fun buying princess outfits, etc. I'm sure Elizabeth will love all the attention. - Lucy, 2007-12-08 15:17:53
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