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Third world America, here we come?

by Bill - 2010-11-14 - ( education / news / politics )


Thanks to the Tea Party, and to all of you who voted to "throw the bums out".

We have far worse bums now.

Third World America, here we come.


Good article. But it has nothing to do with political parties. Back in the 60s they called Washington Democratic Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson the senator from Boeing. Democrat Chuck Shumer is owned by the Wall St banks and brokerages. The Democrats took the 2008 election as a mandate for more Clinton-style corruption, and the Republicans are pretending they have a mandate for more Bush-style corruption. They fight so bitterly in Congress not because they believe differently, it's because POWER is all they have to sell to their corporate sponsors, so they will to anything to gain or maintain it. The philosophical differences between the two are actually very slight compared to the huge PERCEIVED differences — mere advertising to get you to switch to THEIR brand of elitism.

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