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Senate bill 5 first they came for the trade unionists

by bill - 2011-03-15 - ( education / news / politics )

The tyrants of the Left and Right like Stalin and Hitler had to destroy trade unionism in order to create totalitarian governments. Independent labor unions are an essential countervailing power in a democratic society. Unions allow people — be they police officers, firefighters, teachers, janitors, or auto workers — to organize and bargain collectively around their own economic interests.

via The Free Press — Independent News Media from Columbus, Ohio.

"Senator Sherrod Brown apologized after giving a speech on the Senate floor March 4 where he stated the obvious, that Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Egyptian President Mubarak all crushed independent labor unions. No need to apologize, Senator Brown. The Republicans never do, as they endorse the policies of union busters. The only thing, Senator, you should be mildly chagrined about, is failing to point out Ohio Governor John Kasich and Wisconsin Governor Walker's similarities to Mussolini's fascism."

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