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vizio points to outdated chromecast software as potential cause of streaming problems with disney
After connectivity issues with the Disney during its launch yesterday, Vizio has announced it's working on an update for its SmartCast TVs that cou ... read more
tv news reporter aborts segment to flee bison herd
A TV news reporter filming a segment at Yellowstone National Park shared video of the moment he decided to flee an oncoming herd of bison. ... read more
clap for our carers: nhs staff to be thanked tonight with a nationwide round of applause
At 8pm tonight (Thursday 26 March), people in the UK are invited to thank NHS workers battling the coronavirus outbreak by applauding from their win ... read more
scientists discover a complete protein found nowhere on earth that fell from space, may hint at planet's origin
On a meteorite, scientists believe they have discovered the first complete extraterrestrial protein that could define life's origins on earth.Scient ... read more
astronauts could use their own urine to build bases on the moon
Researchers for the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain, found the urea in urine could be mixed with lunar soil to create a flexible and sus ... read more
court ruling in favor of standing rock sioux tribe could stop dakota access pipeline
John Vibes - A federal court has finally sided with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ordereding a full environmental review for the controversial Dakot ... read more
loweand#039;s is donating $10 million in protective products to hospitals across the nation
Lowe's Is Donating $10 Million In Protective Products To Hospitals Across The Nation ... read more
maryland winery employs delivery dog for curbside pick-ups
A Maryland winery is observing social distancing protocol in its curbside deliveries with an unusual employee -- a delivery dog. ... read more
social distancing? no problem! russian court hears case on whatsapp video chat for first time in history
Covid-19 may be a deadly and frightening virus, but it has also undoubtedly been a catalyst for a certain degree of innovation. Workers and stud ... read more
the course that makes you happier — in two months
A charity-run course that explores 'what really matters' is having joyful results in the UKThe post The course that makes you happier euro; in ... read more
here's where to still buy hand sanitizer and the ingredients to make your own
Hand sanitizer is selling out everywhere--but you can still get enough for the whole family if you shop these sites online. ... read more
people with masculine features are viewed to be better at their job than those with feminine looks
A researcher from Princeton University in New Jersey has found that testosterone levels and masculine features are directly related to the perceptio ... read more
satellite images show massive reductions in air pollution over european cities
New data captured by the ESA Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite shows a strong reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations over major European cities ... read more
disperse! russian memes teach importance of social distancing using high art
While the international internet might be dominated by the English language, there is one area where anglophones have to yield: memes. There can ... read more
marriott reveals the personal information of 5.2 million guests were exposed in major data breach
Marriott announced its second major data breach in less than two years. The information included names, phone numbers, birthdays, loyalty informatio ... read more
exclusive-ex-venezuelan general charged with drug trafficking surrenders to dea -sources
EXCLUSIVE-Ex-Venezuelan general charged with drug trafficking surrenders to DEA -sources ... read more
watch spanish man share a drink with isolated neighbors by filling their glasses from two floors above
This is the sweet moment that an Asturian man managed to share a glass of cider with his neighbors--all while respecting quarantine guidelines.Watch ... read more
the grassroots groups tackling health inequality in the uk's poorest areas
Local projects that unite communities and give residents a say in decision making provide a blueprint for addressing declining healthThe post The gr ... read more
'a vital precedent': what the heathrow ruling means for climate justice
Environmental campaigners give their verdict on the Court of Appeal's ruling against a third runway at Europe's busiest airportThe post #39 ... read more
12 buildings that show the beauty of deconstructed architecture
12 Buildings That Show the Beauty of Deconstructed Architecture ... read more
best video game consoles to keep you and your family entertained
From the PS4 and the Xbox One S to retro recreations like the mini Sega Megadrive, here are some great gaming options to fire up and play. ... read more
important message if you read collective evolution content
If you are an avid reader of Collective Evolution, or if you wish to stay in touch with our quality independent articles, podcasts, and videos, now ... read more
'least deserving' branson roasted as virgin atlantic seeks massive state-sponsored bailout despite not paying staff
Billionaire Richard Branson is coming under fire from politicians and regular citizens alike as the tycoon sought hundreds of millions of pounds ... read more
rocket lands near baghdad's green zone, us helicopters scrambled — reports
At least one rocket was fired in the vicinity of the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, where the American Embassy is located, according t ... read more
uaf 9/11 study concludes "fires in wtc could not have caused" building 7 to collapse
The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth announced on March 25th that the final report from researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks ... read more
robots are being used in an irish hospital 'so nurses can spend more time treating patients'
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin will now have robots that rapidly process administrative and computer-based tasks that nurses norm ... read more
antibiotic resistance: how cannabis can help
April 1st, 2020 By Nikki Harper As I write this, the world is deep in a global crisis surrounding covid-19. Because this is an infection caused by ... read more
best foam rollers 2020
If you're serious about getting fitter in 2020 and planning a new workout schedule then you need to pay equal attention to recovery. ... read more
fauci suggests u.s. would broaden mask recommendations if it had enough
Dr. Anthony Fauci sees some positive news finally coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.Fauci, the U.S.'s top infectious disease doctor who's ... read more
ryan reynolds and blake lively donate $1 million to food banks
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Donate $1 Million To Food Banks ... read more
a cruise ship with at least 77 people with flu-like symptoms on board is heading to florida
Cruise line Holland America said that at least 30 guests and 47 crew on the Zaandam reported to the ship's medical center with influenza-like sy ... read more
20 dutch musicians weave together beethoven's best melody from their own homes—and the results are glorious
The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra members each recorded their instruments from their own homes to produce Beethoven's 9th Symphony for the world. ... read more