Diary, 2008/04/26

I took Joey to the vet this morning for a routine follow-up. I volunteered because I thought his appointment would conflict with Tara’s plans to take Elizabeth to meet up with her Auntie, Tara’s sister Sandy, at the Franklin Street Fair. Tara conveniently allowed me to think that.

When Joey and I got back home, Tara and Elizabeth were both stil Continue reading Diary, 2008/04/26

A Saga of Seven

This is a story in the style called rap
that’ll surely encourage an afternoon nap
of a family of seven, their kids and their wives
and something regarding their travels and lives.

Now first there was Greg, a Brooklyn-born lad;
and then it was Lucy that Mom and Dad had.
She was born at Sing Sing (no, not in the Continue reading A Saga of Seven