Donation to Harmony Haven

We just donated to Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding and Horse Rescue. See This recent snowstorm knocked down fencing, along with their shelter.

When coyotes (try to) attack

Well, I had an exciting morning. Who needs coffee to wake up? It was around 5:30 when I let our pug Joey out in the backyard. I’m standing there keeping an eye out for critters (there is no fence) when, sure enough, a couple of coyotes start joggi

Requiring (or not) a password in Windows

In Windows 7 (and possibly earlier and later versions), use NETPLWIZ and check (or uncheck) the box that says something to the effect of “require users to enter passwords.” Make sure that your own username is highlighted before you check/uncheck tha

The rainbow ends in Sacramento

The rainbow really does end in Sacramento! My nephew Milan has captured proof. 🙂 This was taken at their minor league team, Sacramento Rivercats, stadium where Milan works.

Lottery President

For most people, winning $300 million in the lottery would be enough. They would buy a big house, travel the world and retire. Not Benny.

5G coming to OH and TN

And that’s not a good thing. See / 2019 / 02 / ohio-and-tennessee-att-plans-to-fry-you-with-5g.html